Anat Tenne – Engel, Adv. CPA Senior and Managing Partner

LL.B. and B.A., Accounting summa cum laude, Tel Aviv University

Specializes in all tax law and is considered one of Israel’s leading experts. She has successfully handled hundreds of transactions and issues with the tax authorities and obtained tax settlements, before and after deals, resulting in minimal tax payments by the client. Adv. Tenne is particularly involved in capital settlements, trusteeships, international tax, sales of operations and holdings and settling conflicts with the tax authorities. Adv. Tenne lectures in various forums on tax and publishes tax law articles and responses in the media.

Nir Horenstein, Adv. (Acc.) – Partner

LL.B. & BA (Accounting) both magna cum laude, LL.M. (commercial law) & M.B.A. both summa cum laude, Tel Aviv University

Specializes in international taxation and taxation of multi-national corporations, real estate taxation, VAT, income tax and litigation. Adv. Horenstein has co-authored the books “Real Estate Tax Reform,” and “Tax Reform in the State of Israel,” and is the author of hundreds of professional articles and of a weekly column in “Globes” magazine. Adv. Horenstein represents multi-national companies, as well as individuals, domestic corporations and local authorities. Advocate Horenstein is a member of the special Task Force of the Israel Bar Association Tax Comittee and lectures in various forums. Advocate Horenstein was chosen as one of the most promising lawyers in taxation by Israeli journal and as one of the leading tax lawyers in Israel by the Legal Experts Directory (EMEA).

Udi Shostak, Adv. (Eco.) – Partner

LL.B. and B.A., Economics summa cum laude, Tel Aviv University

Former lecturer at Tel Aviv University and Ramat Gan College, Adv. Shostak has authored many articles in the media and professional periodicals. Adv. Shostak specializes in international tax, planning and setting up holding structures and activities for multinational groups, supporting Israelis operating in Africa, overseas trustee and financial arrangements, web marketing and sales activities, tax options and controlling ownership in mergers and splits, and VAT.

Helena Ben-Baruch, Adv. (Acc.) – Partner

LL.B. and B.A., Accounting, Tel Aviv University.

Specializes in capital market tax, trust tax, international tax, mergers and splits. Adv. Ben-Baruch has co-authored a book on capital market tax and written articles on various taxes. Adv. Ben-Baruch advises on tax issues for multi-national corporations, banks, investment and insurance companies, mutual funds, VC funds and real estate developers. Adv. Ben-Baruch has been a party to precedent approvals and arrangements with the tax authorities for company structure changes, employees’ options, tax on securities revenue, and income from abroad, capital gains, foreign and returning resident tax etc.

Eyal Schwarzwald, Adv. (Acc.) – Partner

LL.B and BA (Accounting) , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Specializes in real estate taxation – accompanying complexed real estate transactions, including urban renewal transactions and taxation of the energy and infrastructure sector, income tax (individuals, trusts and companies), accompanying voluntary disclosure arrangements in complexed cases of individuals and trusts, international taxation, handling VAT cases including cases in which our clients received tax refunds in significant sums, and writing opinions in various tax areas

Ahmad Metwali (Acc) Adv.

LL.B. and B.A., Accounting, Tel Aviv University.
A former teaching assistant, students defense attorney and psychometric test tutor. Interned at Alter Attorney At Law firm under the supervision and guidance of the firm’s partners.
Deals with real estate taxation, corporate taxation, individual taxation and VAT.