About Us

Alter Attorneys at Law, established in 1990, is the leading tax law firm in Israel, exclusively handling tax law. The firm provides tax counseling to Israeli and foreign clients and specializes in consultancy and legal representation before Israeli authorities and courts. The firm was founded in 1990 by the late Dr. Avraham Alter, and today is owned by six partners who have been part of the firm since its inception. The Firm’s staff is reknown for its vast and valuable experiance in all tax issues, as well as in its creativity and proven record of resolving complex tax situations. The firm is listed for many years amongst the top Israeli tax firms by international companies and Israeli rating agencies.

Practice Areas

The firm provides tax consultancy and tailor made tax solutions to Israeli and foreign clients and specializes in legal representation before Israeli authorities and courts, in all areas of tax including: income tax, international tax, VAT, corporate tax, real estate and trusts. The firm has a proven record including approvals for tax postponements and reductions by the authorities and Supreme Court precedent tax rulings.


The Firm provides services to its clients which consist of word leading Israeli and International corporations, including multi-national corporations, leading Israeli companies, municipalities, insurance companies, banks, real estate companies, high net individuals and more. The firm represents clients with international activities and obtains approvals from the tax authorities in Israel and abroad. With a reputation as Israel’s leading tax law firm, the firm serves as a professional address for lawyers, accountants and tax advisors seeking answers to tax issues requiring creative solutions. As part of its uncompromising commitment to confidentiality, the firm maintains client confidentiality and secrecy and does not reveal names of clients.

International Cooperation partners

Alter Attorneys at Law is a Cooperation Partner of  WTS Alliance, a global network of selected consulting firms represented in about 100 countries worldwide. Within our service portfolio we are focused on tax, legal and consulting. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, we deliberately refrain from conducting annual audits. Our clients include multinational groups, national and international medium-sized companies, non-profit organizations and private clients.



The firm has been established in 1990 by the late Dr. Avraham Alter (1953 – 2007), former vice income tax commissionaire and ITA head legal counselor, and one of Israel’s leading tax experts. Dr. Alter has formulated a team of tax experts that has built a tradition of  creativity, excellence and innovation.